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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gojujang, my favorite farmer's market, and call for HALP

When Tara Goodman (of Adafina Culinary and, of course, Goodman's Jewish Deli) brings you over some house-made gojujang, you do not waste any time in putting that fermenty hotness on your congee. And on everything else.  We made some Korean fried chicken with it, too, using this delicious recipe, and I smelled like the garlic capital of the world for DAYS, and it was totally worth it. The gojujang is really different from Adam's sriracha--much, much funkier and more umami. They're definitely not interchangeable, but they're both fabulous examples of their class.

And speaking of things that are fabulous examples of their class, my favorite farmer's market is opening for the season today. Today! Right now, even! We are beyond lucky to have tons of fantastic farmer's markets to choose from here in Sonoma County, but this one is dear to my heart, in part because it's almost in my backyard, and in part because it's just a fantastic mix of vendors and open space.

You guys, if you're reading this and in Sonoma County, you need to go to the opening day of the West End Farmer's Market. Goodman's Jewish Deli is there, serving house-made fresh rye bread and pastrami and the best Reuben I have ever had in my life, as well as other delicious things--check out the menu on their Facebook page.  Handlebar Farm will be there, with beautiful greens and crisp, sweet carrots that look like they came right off the pages of a vintage Beatrix Potter book. And the Jellyrolls, featuring the lovely voice of the lovely Dawn Zaft, owner of my favorite place to take a morning meeting (aka the Criminal Baking Company and Undercover Noshery), will be performing! And there's a lovely green space, right outside of the historic DeTurk Round Barn, for kiddos to run around and play and all of us to sit and picnic. I. Can't. Wait. 

So I'm gonna hustle and get me and Kamal ready to go shop, eat, play and dance. I hope I see you there!

Oh, and here's my quick call for help: I love writing this blog, but am feeling really challenged finding the time to do it, as a mother and business owner and person with lots of interests. (Just writing this post, I stopped about ten times to kiss booboos, clean up spills, fish urgently-needed toys out from behind the couch...and on other days, I see patients, too!) I'd love to hear tips from you on how you make time to do the things you love. Thanks!

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